Because it’s home – Tuesday, January 20th

Both men shot on Sunday night died from their injuries. The city’s homicide count for the new year is now 14.

A fire at a mansion outside of Annapolis has killed 6 – the owners and their four grandchildren.

A 21-year-old man spent most of the first week of this year in jail, charged in a home invasion. Only problem: he was at Disney World with family at the time of the crime.

With Larry Hogan’s innauguration tomorrow, today is Martin O’Malley’s last full day as governor. MarylandReporter examines O’Malley’s “tough choices” over the last 8 years.Here are 5 things to watch for when Hogan takes office tomorrow. The O’Malley family is moving back to Baltimore.

“People were a little confused as to why we’d want to do that when it is going to get knocked down. But everything I’ve ever painted has been temporary, so it didn’t matter to me that it wasn’t going to last long,” The Atlantic spent some time with Stephen Powers, the artist that painted the “FOREVER TOGETHER” mural across a block of East Baltimore rowhouses slated for demolition last year.