Rough start – Wednesday, January 14th

A two-year-old died in a house fire in Reservoir Hill on Tuesday. Two other children were injured in the fire, but were saved by nearby construction workers that ran into the building.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts admits that police still don’t know who killed three-year-old McKenzie Elliott in August. Previously, Batts and the mayor claimed that a suspect was in jail on other charges, but after further investigation, the man was proven not to be a suspect and released. Less than half of Baltimore’s 2014 homicides have led to charged suspects.

In front of White House task force on policing, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called for more federal money for Baltimore to train officers more thoroughly and to purchase body cameras.

Maryland’s General Assembly launches its yearly 90-day legislative session today. Budget cuts are expected to weigh heavily on this year’s session. There are 69 new members in the state’s Senate and House of Delegates, the Post takes a look at the freshman class.