Scarface but with pancakes – Friday, January 23rd

Tony Vasiliades was arrested last week after paying $50,000 in cash for two kilos of cocaine in a Drug Enforcement Agency sting. Vasiliades is the owner of the Sip & Bite diner in Canton. Give the dude a break – you try to run a 24-hour diner and tolerate Guy Fieri.

Yesterday, Larry Hogan started to open up about his plans for the state budget. With plenty of details still to be filled in, Hogan is pitching across-the-board agency cuts, as well as reducing Medicaid payments for doctors, and freezing pay for state employees. Hogan’s budget would also increase overall education spending, but Baltimore may lose millions of dollars to other parts of the state. The Red Line transit project is funded in Hogan’s proposal, but it still may get delayed or killed.

Here’s another budget-related challenge for Larry Hogan: figure out what the lieutenant governor is supposed to do. After losing the election to Hogan in November, former Lt. Governor Anthony Brown pretty much disappeared from the job for two months. Brown’s salary in 2014 was $125,000, with a staff of 8 under him. The new guy, Boyd Rutherford, already announced that he’ll skip having his own staff and will share Hogan’s team instead. Maybe it’s time to just drop the office?

Wednesday’s Toys “R” Us armed robbery suspect was found hiding in a box in the back of the store.

Here’s your weekend event roundup. There’s a forecast full of rain, snow, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for the weekend.