We take it all back

Sunny, with highs near 80 for the first day of fall. Another nice, sunny day tomorrow.


At last night’s school board meeting, Baltimore City Schools CEO Gregory Thornton announced that the district will ditch a new funding formula for public charter schools that led a group of charters to sue the district last week. Former Mayor Kurt Schmoke, coaxed by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, will work as a mediator between the board and the charters. Irked charter school parents flooded the meeting.


Rev. Jamal Bryant ended his campaign for Elijah Cummings’ seat in Congress yesterday, just eight days after announcing his bid. Explaining his decision, Bryant says that his church, the Empowerment Temple, needs to come first.

Bryant’s short-lived run came amid rumors that Cummings was planning to bid for Barbara Mikulski’s Senate seat – but it’s starting to look more like Cummings plans to keep his spot in the House for another term.


A 17-year-old boy was shot to death in southwest Baltimore’s Mount Clare neighborhood last night around 9pm. A 20-year-old man was also wounded in the shooting. This is the 18th minor killed in the city in 2015, and the second this month.


A felon snuck out of a Baltimore corrections facility early this week, but was captured hours later at the hospital after breaking his leg during his escape. Kenneth Sullivan, facing a long rap sheet of robberies and assaults, was taken to the minimum-security Metropolitan Transition Center on Monday, after violating his recently-issued parole (charged with a fresh set of crimes in Baltimore County). Sullivan somehow managed to escape, jumping off a two-story wall in the process and breaking his leg. Officials are still trying to figure out how he (almost) pulled it off.


A pair of a rare tropical birds – brown boobies – have been spotted around the Inner Harbor in the last couple of weeks. Experts say these birds mostly stick to the tropics, but may sometimes fly north for better fishing.