Muddling through | Monday, December 15

Andrew Groman, a Baltimore Police officer, was shot during a traffic stop in West Baltimore yesterday evening. The officer was transported to Sinai hospital and in stable condition after surgery. The alleged shooter, Donte Jones, has been charged with attempted murder and 10 other counts.

Following the incident, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts opened a briefing by pondering “we’ve had marches nationwide over the fact that we have lost lives in police custody, I wonder if we’ll have those same marches as officers are shot, too.”Batts’ comment drew quick criticism from community leaders involved with recent protests. The Baltimore Bloc protest group called Batts’ remarks “rhetorical and disingenuous” and called for an apology.

If that doesn’t upset you, how about this: children exposed to violence often have developmental issues and lifelong post-traumatic stress. The Sun reports on social workers and activists trying to help us shield Baltimore’s children from a city’s struggles.

The state’s budget shortfall for next year is even more worse-er than expected (this keeps happening). Incoming governor Larry Hogan is signaling that his willingness to compromise with Democrats on the next budget is slim.

OK, some better news. Davis Jeter, the Baltimore County teen missing since last week has returned home safe.

Navy extended its winning streak over Army in a 17-10 victory at M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday.

This beautiful video shot from a drone over Baltimore is a must-watch. From these heights, you can barely see people being dumb on social media.