Rain check

A little more rain possible today, with highs in mid 70s. Tomorrow will see more showers, and highs only around 60.


Meteorologists are keeping an eye on Hurricane Joaquin, which is expected to work its way up the East Coast this weekend, potentially bringing substantial rain and wind to the Mid-Atlantic region. Forecasters say it’s particularly difficult to anticipate exactly where Joaquin will go in the next few days, but expect a wide area of impact from the storm. Recent models have shifted the storm’s path closer to home.


The first trial of one of the officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray was pushed back to November 30th, with the rest of the trials to follow. Officer William Porter was initially scheduled to stand trial starting on October 13th, but the defense team for the officers requested a delay due to new evidence provided by prosecutors. The rest of the trials are slated between January and March.


The family of John Joseph Rau, the man shot in the leg Sunday by Baltimore Police’s Southwestern District commander Maj. Bryon Conaway, is still bewildered about why Conaway shot Rau. Police have not yet explained why Conaway initially confronted Rau, but say that Conaway shot Rau after he refused an order to show Conaway his hands. Conaway, a 16-year decorated veteran of the Baltimore Police, is on desk duty (and Capt. Steven Holman temporarily leading the Southwestern District) while the incident is investigated.


Wes Moore won’t run for mayor. Moore, the best-selling author and education advocate, says he was seriously considering a bid, but decided that he wants to stay focused on BridgeEdU, his education non-profit. Several other potential candidates, including city council member Nick Mosby and state delegate Jill Carter are expected to announce their decisions sometime soon.


Johns Hopkins launched a new initiative to target hiring for entry-level positions on low-income neighborhoods and to spend more money with local vendors. HopkinsLocal (both JHU and the Johns Hopkins Health System are participating) will set new goals for hiring in disadvantaged neighborhoods, increase quotas for women or minority-owned contractors, and raise the amount spent with local supply vendors.