Hot air cushion

Overcast today, with highs in the low 70s and the chance of showers. Another cool, cloudy day tomorrow.

Here’s what you might’ve missed this weekend:


City council member Bill Henry will introduce a resolution that will call on Baltimore City Schools to beef up the way public charter schools are funded. Last week, a group of charters filed suit against Baltimore City Schools, claiming that a new funding formula would shortchange the charters by thousands of dollars per student and violate state law. The district argues that their new funding formula views charter and non-charter funding per pupil equitably, but factors in special needs education and administrative costs shouldered by the district. The affected charters are trying to mobilize the parents of their students to this issue (sure enough, Henry’s children attend one of the schools that filed suit). Expect this fight over charter funding to get louder in coming weeks.


Northeast Maglev, a venture which hopes to build a ultra-fast train line from DC to Baltimore (and beyond), will open a headquarters in Baltimore today. If built, the maglev line could whiz passengers from DC to Baltimore in 15 minutes (with an extended line making it to New York in about an hour). It wouldn’t be cheap – Northeast Maglev estimates that it’d cost $12 billion to build between Baltimore and DC (with Japanese investors picking up half the cost, and the federal government covering the rest). Gov. Larry Hogan, dazzled by a maglev train ride near Tokyo, plans to apply for a $28 million federal grant to explore the feasibility of the line. This summer, Hogan iced a proposal to build the Red Line light rail across Baltimore, turning down nearly a billion dollars in federal funds committed to the transit project.


Two men were shot and killed in weekend violence. On Saturday, a 31-year-old man was shot to death in Sandtown-Winchester around 3:30am. Later Saturday, a 22-year-old man was found dead in the Madison-Eastend neighborhood of east Baltimore. At least five others were wounded in shootings over the weekend.


Two men, Carl Coleman, 35, and Damico Howard, 30, were killed early Sunday in a collision with a tractor trailer on Belair Road. Police say the men’s car crossed the center line into oncoming traffic.


The Ravens fell to 0-2, losing to the Raiders 37-33. The Sun’s analysts are already calling it a doomed season.