One man’s junk

Sunny and muggy today, with highs in the low 90s. Tomorrow looks similar.


Governor Larry Hogan called out former gov. and presidential contender Martin O’Malley for walking off with most of the governor’s mansion furniture at a steep discount back in January. O’Malley’s Department of General Services marked the items down as junk, allowing O’Malley to purchase 54 items that originally cost the state $62,000 for just $9,638.

Hogan, on Facebook: “Had it not all been removed a few days before we moved in, our intention would have been to leave all of it in place, just as it was, in the people’s house.”

Maryland has rules that are supposed to prevent government officials from getting sweet deals in the sale of state-owned property. O’Malley’s former chief of staff says that the former governor only offered to buy the furniture after hearing officials planned to throw it out.


Baltimore’s not alone in this year’s homicide spike. 35 of the nation’s cities have seen upticks in murders or violent crimes this year. Milwaukee (76%), St. Louis (60%), Baltimore (56%), and Washington (44%) have seen the most dramatic surges in murders so far this year. These cities are also among the most racially segregated in America.


Cornell Harvey, convicted for his involvement in the 2013 murder of 1-year-old Carter Scott, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, plus 50 years. Harvey was one of five men charged in the case – after a mistrial, the other four are scheduled to stand trail again next month.


A 16-year-old dirt biker was struck by a pursuing police car on Sunday night, injuring the boy’s ankle. The teen is being charged with traffic violations. Police have been cracking down on a weekly Sunday gathering of riders along Reisterstown Road, scattering riders throughout the city. At the time of the crash, the police cruiser’s lights and siren were off. Officers are supposed to seek approval from a shift commander before engaging in a pursuit (and only in cases when there’s an immediate, serious threat to the public). In January, a Baltimore Police officer died from injuries sustained in a unauthorized chase of a moped rider in November 2014.


Pharma-company Kaleo is donating 6,500 naloxone heroin overdose kits to the city, thousands more than the city can usually purchase. Naloxone prices have been spiking recently, making it difficult for the city to keep an adequate supply of the overdose drug.


After last night’s 6-3 loss to the Rays, the O’s have dropped 11 of their last 12 games. On the bright side, attendance at Camden Yards has been strong recently, recovering quickly from a decline following April’s unrest.