High score – Tuesday, May 19th

We’ll see more humidity and storm chances again today, with highs near 90. Tomorrow will be drier, with highs in the 70s.


The city is trying to grapple with why its murder count is up 40% over this time last year. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is denying that police are enacting a work slowdown, as suggested by some. Operation Ceasefire, an initiative that’s had some success in other cities in reducing violent crime, was introduced in Baltimore last year, but has been operating without a manager for weeks.


Must read: The Sun’s Julie Scharper shares the story of Laporsha Lawson and her son Khai’Lee. Lawson’s home was destroyed in a fire during rioting on April 27th. Laporsha had to carry Khai’Lee, who has cerebral palsy and other disabilities, out during the fire. The family lost everything, including Khai’Lee’s specialized medical equipment. The family has a fundraiser to help cover some of their expenses in the days to come.


In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that Maryland had double taxed some residents that earned money out of state. Previously, Maryland only allowed residents to claim a credit on out-of-state income on state taxes for taxes paid elsewhere, but not on the piggyback local taxes charged by the state. The court ruling means that Maryland jurisdictions will have to refund millions of dollars (but only for the last 3 years of tax returns).


Under Armour quickly pulled a “Band of Ballers” t-shirt design that raised the ire of veterans for its basketball-themed take on the iconic WWII image of soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima.