Nut graph – Thursday, May 7th

It’ll be warm and sunny, with highs around 80 today. More of the same tomorrow.



Gov. Hogan announced yesterday that he’ll approve a 2% cost-of-living pay raise for state workers that he initially resisted. The raise comes from $68.7 million earmarked by the state’s legislature. Hogan hasn’t decided yet whether to approve similar funding to restore cuts to education in Baltimore City and a few other districts.


Michael Flaig, an Anne Arundel County officer, is accused of biting another man in the testicles during a fight outside of a bar in Canton. Flaig has been charged with assault and placed on administrative duties.


After 11 seasons with the Ravens, Ed Reed will make his retirement official later today at the team’s training facility. Reed hasn’t played since the Ravens’ 2013 Super Bowl win.