Not just waiting – Thursday, April 30th


In the largest demonstration since the death of Freddie Gray, thousands participated in a student-led march through downtown last night (VIDEO).

Protesters marched in solidarity with Baltimore in New YorkMinneapolisBoston, Denver, Houston, and Seattle. Members of Baltimore’s latino community marched in East Baltimore.

Like Tuesday, there was little incident to report on for the media camped at the intersection of North and Pennsylvania last night. By 10pm, nearly everyone else had gone home.

Beyond the marches and demonstrations, other events like a free outdoor concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchesta helped soothe the city.

Yesterday, 101 people arrested in Monday’s chaos were released without charges. Chaos followed the arrestees to Central Booking, where some that were held described overcrowded detention cells, indiscriminate macing, and wounds left unattended.


The Sun busted a rumor that Freddie Gray had a previous spinal injury from a car crash. With one rumor crushed, a police source leaked an investigation document to the Washington Post that claims that the second arrestee loaded into the van late in Gray’s transport believes Gray was banging on the walls in an attempt to injure himself. The second prisoner was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. Previously, police acknowledged that Gray had already requested and deserved medical attention by that point and was not properly restrained in the van. WBAL’s Jayne Miller interviewed an anonymous family member of one of the officers, claiming that the officer believed that they did nothing wrong and that Gray wasn’t properly restrained because he was ‘irate.’ On MSNBC, Miller questioned how the leak conflicts with previously announced timeline and Freddie Gray’s known injuries.

Meanwhile, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, BPD Commissioner Anthony Batts and other officials are trying to dispel ‘misinformation’ that the police intend to release public information tomorrow about their report to the State’s Attorney office. Baltimore Police do not intend to make the report public, citing the needs of an ongoing investigation. Last week, city officials emphasized the investigation report as a major milestone in the investigation, alongside pledges of transparency and expediency.


Despite the city’s state of emergency, National Guard response, and influx of out-of-town police, five people were shot in Baltimore on Wednesday, one fatally.