Cheat sheet on the week – Friday, April 17th

We’ll see a mix of clouds and sun today, with a chance of rain this afternoon and a high around 70. Tomorrow looks great, with sun and highs in the upper 70s. Rain is likely on Sunday.

Baltimore Rex will be back to its normal schedule next week – here’s what you need to know from this week:


Before the legislative session ended on Monday, the General Assembly passed a budget that left statehouse Democrats and Gov. Larry Hogan frustrated. Last-minute wrangling over the budget focused on about $200 million that legislators wanted to spend on public schools, cost-of-living raises for state employees, and some health-care related expenses. The budget passed – but the catch is that Hogan can refuse to spend the earmarked $200 million.

Beyond the budget, the General Assembly passed over 600 bills during the session, including bills that’d extend voting rights for ex-felons, require online hotel sites to collect sales tax, ban natural-gas fracking, decriminalize marijuana paraphernalia, and give female same-sex couples access to artificial insemination through their health insurance. The Washington Post has a good summary of many of the bills that are now sitting on Larry Hogan’s desk.


27-year-old Freddie Gray is in a coma, following severe injuries Gray sustained during an arrest by Baltimore police on Sunday. This week, Gray had surgery to his spine and voice box. Footage of the arrest shows police arresting a seemingly uninjured Gray – but officers called for an ambulance only a few minutes later.

A Baltimore Police detective and another retired officer were charged with assault and other crimes for their participation in a motorcycle gang fight last June. Following the charges, detective/gang member Sgt. David Crites has been suspended with pay.

The US Department of Justice held a townhall meeting last night as part of an investigation into brutality by the Baltimore Police department. Taking to the microphone, dozens of city residents spoke of a general mistrust of the Baltimore Police, alongside many specific incidences of misconduct.

The day before the DOJ meeting, Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriquez resigned from the Baltimore Police Department. Rodriquez was responsible for internal investigations on the use of excessive force.


Two people were killed by violence in Baltimore in the last week, bringing 2015’s total to 58.

59-year-old Billy Vines was stabbed to death by his adult son following an argument.

Kevin Hill, 19, was shot and killed in Edmonson Village on Tuesday.


Michael Phelps wants to swim in the 2016 Olympics after all.


Merritt Properties wants to build a 12-story office tower and a parking garage on the site of its Merritt Athletic Club gym in Canton.

The city’s Board of Finance changed its mind and approved a $58 million tax incentive package for an affordable housing development in West Baltimore’s Poppleton neighborhood. Will the development actually get built?


Food trucks and the Fells Point Privateer Festival headline this weekend’s lineup of events.