Shot in the dark – Tuesday, April 7th

It’ll be warm, but with scattered rain all day. Tomorrow will be rainy, but with highs only in the 50s.


Some Federal Hill residents, sick of the annual Irish Stroll drinking event, are challenging the liquor licenses of all participating bars. The protest, which will be heard by the city’s liquor board later this month, probably won’t cost the bars their licenses, but could change how the Irish Stroll is handled next year.


Shots heard near the Johns Hopkins Medical campus last night caused JHU to place the campus on lockdown. No shooter was found, and no one was injured. Alongside the lockdown, Hopkins sent an ‘active shooter’ alert to all Hopkins employees.


Gov. Larry Hogan has approved a 10-day extension of Maryland’s 2015 legislative session, if lawmakers and Hogan can’t agree on a budget by the end of the session on Monday.

A bill that would extend paid sick leave benefits to more Maryland workers won’t get a vote this year. Lawmakers supporting the measure were facing stiff resistance from business owners.

MarylandReporter is tracking some of the more interesting bills that could be voted on before the session ends.


Police found a man and seven children dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in an Eastern Shore home. The family was using a generator for heat after power was turned off for an unpaid bill.


Horseshoe Casino brought in $24.7 million in March, but still fell millions short of the $31 million in monthly revenue it was expected to be hauling in by now. Lower revenue means less money for promised community impact grants for the surrounding neighborhoods.


The Orioles beat the Rays 6-2 in their season opener. The teams will face off again tonight at 7:10.

The Washington Nationals will host the 2018 MLB All-Star Game. Was it a snub for Baltimore?