Don’t be fooled – Wednesday, April 1st

After a chilly morning, it’ll be sunny with highs near 60 today. Tomorrow and Friday will be warmer.


Almost half of the crab cakes at Baltimore restaurants are not made with Maryland blue crab, according to a new genetic survey. It’s not restaurants just trying to pull a fast one; most of the mislabelling happens further up the supply chain, with cheap foreign crab deliberately passed off as blue crab before being supplied to local sellers and restaurants.


After failed attempts to allow Baltimore School Police to legally carry guns inside city schools, the police force announced that they would pull 70 officers from their posts in schools. The officers will be re-assigned to armed outdoor patrols of school grounds and surrounding neighborhoods. Seven high schools will retain an unarmed police officer in the building.


Two DEA agents based in Baltimore got caught up in the online criminal network they were supposed to be investigating, according to charges filed this week. Carl Force and Shaun Bridges are accused of laundering money with Bitcoin and other crimes while investigating the Silk Road drug market.


The city’s Department of Transportation is backing away from a plan to restrict parking on Aliceanna Street during rush hour, after community outcry. At a public hearing Monday evening, the DOT explained that they would look at other alternatives for calming East Baltimore traffic, without as much of an impact on parking for neighborhood residents. The DOT was originally on the verge of making the change and posting new signs when the word got out.