Prime position – Friday, March 27th

Rain should stick around through the mid-afternoon, with a high near 50. Weekend temps will mostly linger in the 40s. Next week looks more like spring.

The city is sending water shutoff notices to around 25,000 customers that collectively owe $40 million in unpaid bills. About $15 million of the total comes from a few hundred commercial customers, with the rest coming from 21,000 residences in the city and 4,000 in the county. The city has the power to seize and resell properties with long-outstanding water bills (even for only a few hundred dollars) – officials say that they hope the shutoff warnings could help some financially-strapped residents avoid future problems.

Amazon is requiring all of its warehouse workers to sign aggressive 18-month-long non-compete contracts. The contract would prevent workers (even temporary and seasonal workers) from taking a position with any company that competes with Amazon in any way (which is pretty much everybody, now). It’s unknown if Amazon has ever enforced the non-compete clause on its warehouse workers. Amazon is currently hiring over a thousand people in Baltimore to work at its new distribution center.

Protesters are planning a boycott of tonight’s Bill Cosby performance at the Lyric. Over 30 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. The Cosby performance only sold about half of its tickets (and with Lyric’s no-refund policy, there are a ton of tickets on the market below face value).

A penny from 1792 just sold at a rare coin auction in Baltimore for $1.175 million.

Here’s a warm, fuzzy story: Baltimore Police officer Dan Waskiewicz was reunited with his dog Bo after he escaped his house on Sunday and was found by another officer, James Deasel. Waskiewicz rescued and adopted Bo in 2012, after getting a call about a vicious pitbull, only to discover a stray being harassed by kids.

Here’s Baltimore magazine’s line-up of non-Cosby events this weekend. There are even more options over at