Knocked out – Monday, March 23rd

It will be unseasonably chilly for most of the week, with sun and a high in the 40s today.

With the potential for significant budget cuts and layoffs on the way, Baltimore City Schools are under fire for policies that cost the district $46 million in overtime, bonuses, and cashed-out leave last year. Current policies allow school employees to save up hundreds of days of sick leave, then cash it out at the end of their tenure. When interim CEO Tisha Edwards left the district (after about year as CEO and over a decade in the system), she was able to cash out earned leave at her CEO rate, costing the district $217,000. The district could be facing up to a $108 million deficit next year.

West Virginia eliminated Maryland from the NCAA men’s tourney, 69-59, last night. West Virginia pulled away after Terrapins’ standout point guard Melo Trimble left the game with a concussion.

State lawmakers are weakening Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposal to bolster the state’s charter schools. Legislators are removing or amending provisions that would give charters access to more public funding and grant greater control over the hiring and firing of teachers.

A couple of MD high school students were caught using Twitter to cheat on a standardized test.

After getting caught by the FBI with over 60 pounds of cocaine, a drug dealer working out of an RV turned on his customers, helping to bust nine.