Seasonally adjusted – Friday, March 20th

It’s the first day of spring, and it’s snowing. Schools are on schedule in the city. Roads and sidewalks should stay mostly wet, but there could be slick spots. Tomorrow will be sunny and near 60 degrees.

Another sign of spring: sprouting road construction. Just like 2014, I-95 on the south side of Baltimore will have an 8 month span of repairs, causing lane closures and snarled traffic. Highway officials are expecting the situation to be so bad they’re asking employers to shift schedules or increase telecommuting (they won’t), and for commuters to use more public transportation (they won’t).

4-seed Maryland takes on Valparaiso in the NCAA men’s basketball tourney today at 4:40 PM on TBS. The top-seeded Terrapins women’s team plays tomorrow at 1:30 PM. The first set of games in the men’s tournament were historically close.

The latest proposal for the empty lot at 300 E. Pratt Street would create one of the tallest buildings in Baltimore, standing at over 500 feet.

Carlos Mars, the Morgan State student charged with attempted first degree murder and other crimes for an on-campus stabbing Tuesday, is out on bail.Mars is arguing that he was acting out of self-defense during a large fight between groups. Prosecutors say witnesses saw Mars stab one of the victims multiple times.

A bill that would decriminalize marijuana paraphernalia in Maryland is edging closer to law. Last year’s marijuana decriminalization overlooked paraphernalia laws, creating a scenario where someone caught with weed could be fined for the drug, but arrested for the rolling papers or pipe used to smoke it.

The Wire actor Isiah Whitlock Jr. launched a Kickstarter for some plastic sheeeee-it.