Seeing the future – Thursday, March 19th

It’s another somewhat cool and sunny day, with clouds showing up later. It’ll rain overnight before switching to snow in the morning. The snow probably won’t stick, but there may be some slick spots on the morning commute.

Want to travel on the job? It turns out that managing Baltimore’s underfunded pension system is a great way to soothe your wanderlust. The city has approved almost $100,000 in travel cost for pension officials in the last couple years, including an upcoming $5600 trip to London for director Roselyn Spencer. Spencer will have a $750 daily allowance for food and lodging (the current US State Department per diem – the rate that many of government and private organizations rely on – is $506). The trip is being justified as an opportunity to learn about new investment opportunities for the pension trust, which is only 70% funded for long-term costs.

“Do you know what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I’m getting cut tomorrow, not like you care.”

Running back Bernard Pierce was arrested for a DUI around 2 AM Wednesday, and was cut by the Ravens by early afternoon. According to police documents, Pierce knew what was coming, initially asking for the arresting officer to keep the incident off the books, then said “nevermind.”

After Tuesday’s stabbing attack on 3 students, Morgan State University plans to add 10 campus police officers. The university will also start requiring freshmen to take an online conflict-resolution course and will implement a zero-tolerance policy on fighting for on-campus students. A suspect, 19-year-old Carlos Mars, has been arrested and charged for the stabbing. Will additional policing help increase safety at the school? MSU already has a 30 officer police force, and the Baltimore Northeastern District police station is next to campus (only a few hundred feet away from the stabbing scene).

Amazon just added its Prime Now same-day delivery service as a delivery option for most of downtown Baltimore. For $7.99, Amazon will deliver from a popular, common range of products within an hour, and within two hours for free. I needed this yesterday.