Problems? What Problems? – Wednesday, March 11th

The sun should cut through the fog and clouds later this morning, with highs near 60.

The warmer weather means potholes are blossoming across area roads. Officials want you to call in issues as you see them (or hit them).

A new audit reveals (again) that the Maryland Transit Authority has done an awful job of controlling its costs. The MTA is supposed to bring in $.35 cents in fares for every $1 the agency spends (with state and federal funding covering the rest). The new audit shows that the agency has done little to reach that goal; not following purchasing policies, not preventing contractors from being overpaid, not taking measures to prevent equipment theft. These issues have cost MTA millions of dollars over the last few years. At least the buses are on time, right?

ABC2 caught on to something that a lot of city residents have known about for a while: the city’s 311 mobile app doesn’t always work. Sometimes, complaints filed in the app about things like illegal alley dumping (or say, a pothole) are marked as resolved, though nothing has changed.

The Ravens traded Haloti Ngata to the Detroit Lions for a pair of low draft picks. Meanwhile, Torrey Smith will sign with the 49ers.

How are Gov. Larry Hogan’s legislative goals doing so far in the General Assembly? Not so great. The Democratic-controlled legislature has shot down attempts to kill the state’s stormwater remediation fee (the rain tax). Hogan’s desire to tweak the gas tax and increase money for charter schools will also face stiff resistance.