Slipping away – Friday, March 6th

Following six-ish inches of snow yesterday, temperatures plunged to single digits overnight and will only hit the 20s today. Schools are still closedtransit is a mess, roads are lousy, and sidewalks are even worse. We should thaw out a bit over the weekend.

Nearly an entire block of rowhouses in Northwest Baltimore’s Langston Hughes neighborhood was damaged by a 3-alarm fire yesterday afternoon. Nobody was hurt, but 39 people are out of a home (the Red Cross is working with the families). The fire started at the end of the block and spread to 8 other houses through a shared wooden loft space above the brick walls.

While the city has narrowed the number of recent weather-related water woes from a few thousand to a few hundred, at least one West Baltimore block has been without water for over two weeks.

State legislators are thinking about raising the state highway maximum speed limit from 65 to 70 mph. It’s not clear how much of a difference this effort would make locally, as most Baltimore area highway speed limits are 55 mph and hypothetical.

Horseshoe Casino badly missed its revenue goal again in February. The casino brought in $22.9M, but was projected to bring in $31M. Horseshoe has underperformed every month since opening last August.

An actor and a mixtape will headline the Preakness Infield Fest in May.