Excuse me, it’s Doctor Officer – March 2nd, 2015

After yesterday’s snow and ice, roads still aren’t safe, sidewalks are a long forgotten memory, the light rail is going nowhereand schools are closed.

Only two days after declaring Charles Henson “Public Enemy No. 1,” Henson was arrested by Baltimore Police on Friday. Henson is charged with the January murder of Davon Johnson and burning down Johnson’s family home last week.

Baltimore developers might be building new apartments faster than demand in the market, particularly for pricier “luxury” units. Despite the glut of new units, average rental costs in Baltimore are on the rise.

Four people were shot in Northeast Baltimore on Saturday afternoon, killing 40-year-old Dwayne Reid. The shooting happened only a block away from the Morgan State University campus, but students say they haven’t received any alert from the school about the incident.

Last year, Baltimore Police were tipped off that Lt. Col. Clifton McWhite used a phony degree to qualify for an automatic pay raise. McWhite resigned and was criminally charged. McWhite was not alone. After the incident, the department audited payroll and found other BPD employees using the same trick to get paid more. How many? We don’t know, because the department won’t release the audit.

Maryland’s Public Service Commission announced it will start regulating Uber’s black car and SUV service like other limo and sedan services. How PSC will treat the more popular UberX service is still up in the air. Meanwhile, a bill in front of the MD General Assembly would create a statewide, softer set of regulations for ‘ridesharing’ services like Uber and Lyft, separate from taxi regulations.