We’re going to need more lasers – Friday, February 27th

Planners announced Light City Baltimore, a new annual festival scheduled for March 2016. The festival will include a SXSW-style conference, concerts, and nightly light shows at Baltimore landmarks. (In other words: Lasers! Millenials! Innovation!) Event promoters are still fundraising – the first year’s event is expected to cost $4 million.

Police arrested Joseph Ryles, 25, for Tuesday’s murder of Owen Crayton, 24, in Southwest Baltimore.

Some state lawmakers want to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 for military personnel. A proposed bill would allow the 20,000+ underaged military members in the state to drink beer or wine at bars (no hard stuff, and no liquor store purchases, either).

A new poll suggests 72% of Marylanders want public schools to start after Labor Day. A bill that would make the change is in front of the state’s General Assembly right now.

Critic David Zurawik got an advance look at Season 3 of House of Cards (available on Netflix today). He thinks it’s still worth the binge-watch.

New BBQ, Letitia VanSant, and classy bar parties in Baltimore magazine’s weekend lineup.