Snow nuggets – Thursday, February 26th

It’s snowing again, schools are closed, and roads are deceptively slick.

Local water pipes aren’t handling the cold temperatures, and the city can’t keep up with the issues. Some residents have now been without water for over 10 days. Thousands of complaints have come in over the last few weeks for leaky pipes, frozen meters, and flooding – most haven’t been resolved yet.

Police investigators named a new “Public Enemy No. 1” yesterday. Charles Henson, 22, is wanted for murdering Davon Johnson last month, then setting Johnson’s home on fire last weekend to intimidate his family.

A new study examining the cost of incarceration in Maryland found that it costs MD $288 million a year to imprison people from Baltimore. One neighborhood, Sandtown-Winchester, has 458 residents in prison, costing the state $17 million a year.

M&T Bank yanked a local commercial spot highlighting Union Craft Brewing. The problem? One of the brewery founders, Adam Benesch, calls their beer cans “nuggets of joy” – joy nuggets has a slightly different meaning to the linguists over at Urban Dictionary.

A Goucher College poll suggests that almost half of Marylanders don’t have feelings either way about new governor Larry Hogan. The same poll finds that only 3 out of 10 Marylanders think fmr. governor Martin O’Malley should run for president.

The Ravens cut Jacoby Jones, opening up more salary room.

Down the road, DC just kinda legalized marijuana possession, as long as you don’t buy or sell it, use it in public, and stay off federal land.