Digging in – Monday, February 23rd

After 7-10 inches of snow on Saturday, followed by a warm-up yesterday, streets and sidewalks are re-icing and schools are delayed.

A 31-year-old man died after being shot in the McElderry Park neighborhood in East Baltimore yesterday morning.

On Saturday morning, a 29-year-old Kevin Mason was found shot dead in a car in Northwest Baltimore.

These two weekend homicides were the first in Baltimore in over a week.

Billy Lednum, a Tilghman Island waterman, is headed to federal prison for a year for poaching rockfish. For a dwindling fishing community, Lednum is a folk hero.

A top lawyer for Gov. Larry Hogan is advising the new administration’s leaders to label all emails as confidential and protected by executive privilege. If carried out, the practice would prevent most administration communication from public scrutiny. Official email correspondence is intended to be part of the public record, and the advice seems to run contrary to Hogan’s campaign platform of increased government transparency.

On Sunday afternoon, police shot and tased a suspect following a car chase through West Baltimore’s Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood.There are few details available about what exactly happened.

Michael Phelps and longtime girlfriend Nicole Johnson are engaged.