Pipe down – Friday, February 20th

The record cold and even worse windchill closed city schools today. The Sun talks with some of the workers and volunteers putting in extra to respond to the problems caused by the extreme weather.

The cold will subside a little this weekend, but the polar vortex is back next week.

Do you remember when new Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby scolded her predecessor for not personally prosecuting serial rapist Nelson Clifford? Don’t worry, neither did she. Mosby handed the case to assistant state’s attorneys. Mosby also flinched on another campaign talking point: she kept the “luxury” offices in a downtown high-rise selected by former SA Gregg Bernstein after moving out of space in the courthouse a few years ago.

To help cope with across-the-board budget cuts, Maryland with offer $15,000 to state employees willing to leave voluntarily. The plan hopes to eliminate 500 jobs. This isn’t a new tactic – the O’Malley administration did a similar buyout in 2010 to reduce the state’s workforce by hundreds.

This week’s (heart-breaking) must-read: City Paper goes deep on Baltimore’s animal-abuse enforcement efforts, and how the city has changed tactics over the last couple years to combat dogfighting.

Under Armour is suing a Florida company called Ass Armor for copyright infringement. The company sells a line of tailbone-protecting shorts. Under Armour has filed a few suits in recent months to protect its house from infringers (Sketchers, “Salt Armour”), but this case is the ass-iest.

Here’s some of what’s on tap for this weekend.