Mystery box – Thursday, February 19th

In case you’ve avoided going outside so far, it’s a single digit temperature and sub-zero windchill sort of morning. Tomorrow’s not much of an improvement, but the weekend should be warmer. Take a moment to hug your favorite water pipe, to let it know how much you care (or just keep holding it until your body heat thaws it out).

Historians cracked into the 200-year-old time capsule found in the Washington Monument. What did they find? Newspapers, coins, and jars – pretty much what’s discovered in every time capsule, but still very cool. Experts are treating the contents with extreme caution and will take x-rays before taking things out of the capsule for further examination.

The mayor’s police body camera task force is proposing a six month, $1.4 million test program that would equip 100 officers with cameras. The program would require officers to inform civilians that they’re being recorded, regulate how footage would be stored and shared, and prevent footage being used by facial or voice recognition software.

Baltimore City Council members had no clue that city schools were facing a $60 million deficit.

Governor Larry Hogan was in West Baltimore yesterday, promoting his push for more charter schools in a public appearance alongside U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Hogan’s plan would have local school boards set aside more money for charter schools. Though the majority of Maryland’s charter schools are in Baltimore, Hogan’s proposed budget would cut over $35 million from Baltimore City Schools.

2013’s Maryland Health Exchange website launch was a complete mess. For this year’s healthcare enrollment period, starting last fall and ending over the weekend, the state started over with a whole new site. Things went much better this time, with over 250,000 people using the site to enroll in private insurance or Medicaid plans.