Inclement phrasing – Tuesday, February 17th

It snowed, about 4 inches. That’s enough snow to effectively break Baltimore for a day. The State Highway Administration wants you to stay of the roads, if you can (well duh).

“We will have a body camera program — at least a pilot program — in place this year.” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s task force on police body cameras is expected to release its recommendations on Wednesday. Last year, the mayor vetoed a body camera bill from the city council, citing implementation problems and questioning whether or not the council had the authority to regulate the police force.

Police claim no physical force was used on a 30-year-old suspect that died in custody on Saturday. Trayvon Scott died over an hour after being chased on foot and arrested. Investigators believe Scott had a pre-existing condition, possibly asthma, though a full autopsy is underway as an investigation continues.

A new marijuana legalization measure was introduced in Maryland’s General Assembly. The bills would tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol, and allow adults to possess up to an ounce and grow up to 6 plants. Similar bills failed to pass in the last legislative session.

Ravens running back Justin Forsett and his wife Michelle rushed through Saturday’s snow burst after Michelle went into labor. Here’s baby Zion.