Out in the cold – Friday, February 13th

If you enjoy sunshine and sub-zero windchill, today is your day. The weekend doesn’t get much better.

A 16-year-old boy was shot to death in Park Heights last night. Another teen was shot and injured in the incident. Early Thursday, a man died after being shot in the head in Southwest Baltimore. There were two other shootings in Baltimore yesterday, after a relatively calm start to February.

Engineers are going to take a close look at 27 of the state’s older highway bridges after a hunk of concrete walloped a car under a DC Beltway overpass. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Episcopal Bishop Eugene Sutton says that he was aware of Heather Cook’s ongoing alcohol abuse but didn’t make an issue of it, wanting to avoid the politics and drama. On Dec. 27th, an intoxicated Cook struck and killed cyclist Tom Palermo with her SUV.

Attorney General Brian Frosh announced Maryland will join an interstate task force to tackle the heroin trade in the Northeast. Over the last few years, Maryland has seen a spike in heroin overdose death, with around 500 deaths last year in the state. Roughly half of the overdose deaths are in Baltimore.

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