Pretty please? – Tuesday, February 10th

It’s icy AF this morning, schools are delayed, don’t be dumb on the roads.

The City Council approved a controversial residential parking permit (RPP) zone for the north side of Hampden, ahead of the Rotunda re-development opening. The mayor is expected to sign it into law (at that point, the zone would basically go into effect as soon as they can print up the signs and issue the permits).

Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner, joined a swath of pediatricians from area hospitals for an event focused on reminding parents that it’s really, really important to vaccinate children against measles and other horror-show communicable diseases from humanity’s miserable past.

Recently past-tensed governor Martin O’Malley broke his elbow lifting weights. No word on how this will impact his potential bid to get swole.

Some state lawmakers are debating changing the formula for future school funding, so that Baltimore schools don’t end up with a $35 million cut next year. The big issue is that the new formula is tied to the city’s property wealth, which has been inflated in recent years by large development projects – but the projects were encouraged through major tax breaks. That means these projects aren’t generating tax revenue for the city, leaving little wiggle room to bridge the gap. Changing the formula to reflect the tax base more accurately could help. Another proposed option: asking nicely for the developers that benefitted to help out more.

McDonald’s will offer an Old Bay seasoned Filet-O-Fish around Maryland for the next couple of months. I’ll admit that I want one, as long as I don’t have to pay with lovin’.