Connect the dots – Monday, February 9th

An off-duty police officer was stabbed in the leg on Saturday night in South Baltimore. According to the officer, he was approached while walking to his car by a man that the attempted to rob him. Police say that after the officer was stabbed in the thigh, he drew his gun and shot at the fleeing suspect, but missed. Police are searching for witnesses and the suspect. The officer was released from the hospital yesterday.

After a violent start to 2015 that saw 26 homicides, there hasn’t been a murder in Baltimore in a week. The crime rate fluctuates, but we can hope that it’s the start of a trend.

MTA will now let you track how late your bus is in real-time.

For years, Baltimore has been giving generous tax incentives to developers for massive projects like Harbor Point, Harbor East, and elsewhere. The good news? These projects have raised the property wealth of the city. The bad news: Gov. Larry Hogan’s education budget calculated local school funding based on this wealth, leading to cuts for Baltimore schools, without the city property tax dollars to replace them.

Serial update: In June, the MD Court of Special Appeals will hear arguments on whether Adnan Syed’s lawyer provided ineffective counsel when he was convicted for murder. It’s a stretch, but if the appeal goes through, Syed could get a new trial.