Broad daylight – Friday, January 30th

Three men are dead from separate shootings in Baltimore yesterday. In West Baltimore, witnesses say a car chase through a neighborhood ended with a crash and a shooting between a group of men, leaving one dead and another shot in the hand. At nearly the same time, police responded to another fatal daylight shooting in the Broadway East neighborhood. Another man was found dead last night in a home in the Brooklyn neighborhood of South Baltimore. There are no suspects in any of the shootings.

A Baltimore 1-year-old feared to have measles does not have the virus. An outbreak of the highly-contagious disease stemming from infections at Disneyland has health officials across the country on edge.

The city is looking at how to clean up the iconic (and historically sketchy) Lexington Market. The potential changes include a re-organized interior with a better mix of vendors.

A Baltimore County state delegate plans on introducing a bill that would bring back the death penalty in Maryland, in cases where someone kills an on-duty police officer, firefighter, or trial witness. Maryland ended the death penalty in 2013, and former governor Martin O’Malley commuted the sentences of the four men left on death row late last year, in part because Maryland no longer had the capacity to carry out an execution.

Another Baltimore County delegate is presenting a bill that would put an armed police officer in every single public school in the state. This would cost the state $100 million a year and require hiring or re-assigning 900 officers.

Ramen, art + booze, and Orioles FanFest are some of this weekend’s highlights.