Tactical yoga pants – Tuesday, January 27th

It snowed, barely. There are some school delays, but the biggest impact is likely for travelers at BWI, as thousands have flights have been delayed or cancelled along the East Coast.

Jeremy Huber, a Johns Hopkins freshman, was found dead in his dorm room yesterday. Investigators don’t suspect a crime or contagious disease.

Gov. Larry Hogan rolled out additional details on his long-term budget thinking: he wants permanent reductions in the cost formulas for some state expenditures. The targeted areas of spending limits include education, agricultural aid, libraries, and Medicaid access for pregnant women.

After recent budget cuts took $40 million from the state’s public university system, the Board of Regents (that controls the university system) approved a 2% tuition hike for the spring semester. The approving vote was on Friday. The semester started yesterday. Yes, apparently they can just do that. For students at UMD College Park, the hike is $152. Gov. Hogan’s long-term budget projections (mentioned above), assume an additional 20% increase in tuition over the next 5 years.

A group of volunteers is doing a yearly count of Baltimore’s homeless population.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development just announced that it will grant nearly $22 million to Baltimore organizations tackling homelessness.

Under Armour is in talks with the city to create new uniforms for police officers, at least in one district. The uniforms would likely be a donation to the city, though it could open the door for a later agreement, or serve as a broader market test for Under Armour. Recently, UA has been trying to expand beyond athletic apparel.