So transparent – Thursday, January 22nd

Governor Larry Hogan was sworn in yesterday at a ceremony in Annapolis. In his inaugural address, Hogan expressed his hope for bipartisan cooperation and mutual respect. Hogan is expected to detail some of his plans in a news conference today. One of Hogan’s first actions as governor was to block environmental regulations that would’ve restricted chicken manure use on Eastern Shore farms, and reduced the amount of air pollution allowed from the state’s coal-fired power plants.

A man with a gun attempted to rob the Toys “R” Us in Towson yesterday afternoon, causing chaos in the store but no injuries. A police tactical unit responded to the incident and quickly captured the man.

Things got awkward when WYPR’s Sheila Kast asked new Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby about recent personnel shifts in the state’s attorney office. While some turnover was expected with Mosby’s election, she is accused of being particularly vindictive in replacing some prosecutors who supported her opponent (fmr. State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein) in the election, even firing a prosecutor mid-trial. When asked repeatedly about the situation by Kast, Mosby refused to answer, citing confidentiality rules about personnel matters.

The Baltimore Police’s public information office is now seemingly using the same “personnel record” excuse to avoid disclosing what local Twitter users the department has blocked or muted.

Dana and Joe Flacco are celebrating the birth of their third child, Francis Michael Flacco.