Bailing on this week – Friday, January 16th

Bishop Heather Cook was released from custody yesterday after posting her $2.5 million bail. Cook is charged with manslaughter, DUI, and other crimes after killing cyclist Thomas Palermo with her SUV in December. Cook made bail via a bondsman, after a friend wrote a check for only $35,000. For now, Cook is headed to an rehab facility.

“Does Ms. Cook suddenly become trustworthy if she wins the lottery?” The Sun’s editorial board is pissed off, questioning why Cook was given a high (but surmountable) bail, while many violent offenders are held without bail and poor defendants often sit in jail awaiting trial.

Developers are playing with the concept of a new arena on the Inner Harbor to replace the aging Royal Farms Arena. Don’t get too excited – the proposed arena would cost nearly $500 million and is essentially just a pretty rendering at this point.

Protesters took the State House in Annapolis yesterday to call for legislation to address police brutality. One target for change by protesters is a state law that makes it difficult to fire an officer for misconduct. Marchers in downtown Baltimore last night echoed the call for police reforms.

President Obama visited Charmington’s yesterday, promoting his new push to give paid sick leave and maternity leave to American workers.

The Ravens settled with Ray Rice for an unknown amount over back pay he believed he was owed after he was released from the team in September.

Here’s your weekend round-up.