Not Boston | Friday, January 9th

More coffee, please – this summary moves from the afternoon to the morning, starting next week.

Heather Cook, the Episcopal bishop that hit and killed Thomas Palermo with her SUV on December 27th, will be charged with manslaughter, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, driving under the influence, and causing an accident due to texting while driving. Cook had a blood alcohol level of .22 in testing after the crash.

The charges against Cook were announced by new Baltimore State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. Mosby was formally sworn in at a well-attended gala last night at the War Memorial.

Students from Baltimore City College and several other high schools staged a walkout this morning to protest against a lack of input on the school’s budget and school policing. The students marched to the Baltimore City Schools headquarters, where they demanded to speak with CEO Gregory Thornton. Thornton didn’t show – but a spokesman promised the students that he’d meet with them at a later date. The students also blocked I-83 for a short period, leading to the arrest (and release) of at least one student.

Boston, a city known for it’s suburban NFL teamfake craft beer, miserable winters, and casual racism – will be the US’s bid city for the 2024 Olympics. Boston beat out several other contenders, including a proposal from DC/Baltimore, sparing us all from dealing with the money-vaporizing, commuter nightmare that is hosting the Olympics.

Uber says its reducing its fare rates in Baltimore, while making stronger promises on earnings for drivers. The ride-hailing service could face stronger regulation of its business practices from Maryland later this year.

Governor Martin O’Malley will wait until spring to decide if he wants to lose the 2016 Democratic nomination for president.