Slipping up | Thursday, January 8th

The city is dealing with at least 7 different water main breaks, due to frigid temperatures and ancient pipes.

The primary finding of an investigation of how the Ravens and NFL handled the Ray Rice domestic violence case: the Ravens and the NFL did a lousy job of gathering information and communicating it before Rice’s initial suspension. Even if the Ravens did not see the security footage of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancee Janay Rice, they had a detailed report of the incident from police. The Associated Press is standing by earlier reporting that the NFL did have access to the footage.

After a guilty plea in a murder-for-hire case, the Baltimore Police Department won’t have to defend their use of the controversial “stingray” cell phone tracker technology in court. A stingray device tracks phones by pretending to be a cell phone tower, aiding to tie suspects to a crime. While the FBI has a policy that normally requires agents to get a warrant to use the tech, local police departments generally do not. Baltimore Police have been resistant to even admit that they have a stingray tracker, nonetheless disclose how they use it.

Local neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is apologizing for plagiarizing from multiple sources, including noted academic journal, in his 2012 book.Carson is weighing a run for president – an idea he came up with all by himself.

Maryland slipped from 1st to 3rd in Education Week’s ranking of each state’s public schools, mostly because the magazine changed how they score the rankings.