Say my name | Tuesday, January 6th

We had our first accumulating snow of the winter, and naturally, screwed everything up. Road crews were slow to respond to today’s snow with plows and salt, only to get stuck on slippery roads clogged with rush hour traffic. One salt truck flipped over on the beltway.

Without a delay or cancellation for city schools, students complained about the #unsafecommute and nailed it.

This morning, a man walked into the Northeastern District police station, high and armed with a concealed handgun. According to police, the man claimed he was sent by Black Guerrilla Gang members to test the security of the station. In December, the local FBI office sent a memo warning that the BGF gang was planning to target police.

Anthony Barksdale, the former acting police commissioner of Baltimore, is out as security director at the Horseshoe Casino after only four months. Since opening, Horseshoe’s revenues have been lower than expected, with more money from community impact funds going towards additional policing of the area around the casino.

The national Episcopal Church is investigating whether Bishop Heather Elizabeth Cook should be disciplined after she struck and killed a cyclist in her SUV on December 27th. Cook, the second-highest official in the Maryland diocese, could be stripped of all authority. So far, Cook has not been charged with any crime.

Baltimore magazine takes a deep dive into how rising seas will impact Baltimore and other communities along the Chesapeake Bay. Meanwhile, an annual report on the health of the bay shows that while pollution is going down, so are the populations of crabs, oysters, and rockfish.

Over in Frederick, Councilman Kirby Delauter doesn’t know how journalism (or the internet) works, threatening a reporter for using his name. How’s that working out?