Still writing 2014 on all my emails | Monday, January 5th

Baltimore Rex is back. If you need a catch-up on what’s happened recently in Baltimore, check out 6 Stories You Might Have Missed Over The Holidays. Happy new year!

It’s going to snow tomorrow morning, probably an inch or two (just enough for caution on the roads, but not enough to cause a battle royale over lawn chairs in parking spots).

Baltimore saw its first homicides of the year over the weekend. On Saturday, in separate incidences, three men were found fatally shot in the head. On Sunday, 11-year-old Matthew Thomas was found dead in an SUV in an apparent murder-suicide.Police haven’t confirmed the identity of the man also found in the SUV, but it appears to be Thomas’s father.

Baltimore Brew compares two recent reports on Baltimore: one that shows the city is attracting young, educated residents, while another demonstrates how Baltimore’s concentrated pockets of poverty tend to stay poor for decades, despite nearby growth.

As he prepares to leave office, Governor Martin O’Malley went and got himself a Tumblr. So far, it’s heavy on charts and low on selfies.