Only Monday – December 22, 2014

Daily Draft is on hiatus until January 5th – here are a few of today’s stories that are worth keeping an eye on this week.

Investigators hope that Shaneka Nicole Thompson, shot by Ismaaiyl Abdula Brinsley early Saturday in Owings Mills, may have some understanding of why Brinsley shot her before later killing two NYPD officers and himself.

Following the attack in NYC, some (including police union leaders) have blamed recent anti-brutality protests for endangering law enforcement. Local FOX45 took this one step further, falsely editing video of a local protest leader to make it look like she chanted ‘kill a cop.’ After a swift backlash, the station pulled the clip from its website and is expected to issue some kind of explanation or apology on tonight’s broadcast.

22 people have been indicted in a massive dog-fighting ring, with the seizure of hundreds of dogs.